I’ve been fortunate enough to have Kurt Blatt for my inspections several times in the past couple of months. He inspected three houses that I thought were sound, thanks to Kurt I was able to walk away from 2 of them that were structurally damaged. As a window doing this home search I found to be Honest & reasonable Does not take advantage of women like me. Had a Scam company try to scam into things that I did not need and were not cheap! Kurt immediately came over to check everything again. Nothing wrong! I would recommend him to anyone.

Linda Edwards

A Career in Residential Real Estate

I was in my early twenties when I purchased my first home, which I renovated and sold. I continued to do this with more properties, adding value and making repairs each time. Eventually, I decided to keep several homes to maintain and manage as rental properties. Keeping tenants happy taught me even more about house structures and systems.

In addition to doing those renovations, I built two brand new homes from the ground up. Around this time, I did some inspections for friends. So, becoming a home inspector in 2016 was a perfect fit for me since I was already familiar with the components and systems within a house. And I really enjoy educating people about the properties they’re purchasing. Allow me to show you how to effectively maintain your home!

Benefits of Brick by Brick

When you hire me as your home inspector, I’ll review my report with you in person to highlight both major discoveries and other important items so you know how to best care for your home in the future. Because I maintain industry standards of practice and a strict code of ethics, you’ll never be left on your own.

If you’re like most people buying a home, you’ve fallen in love with the property and have already made the decision to buy when you made your offer. Unless your home inspector finds something drastically wrong, you’re going to forge ahead with the purchase. When you hire me, I have your best interests at heart. If there’s a problem you need to know about, I’ll give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

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